Time For a New Garage Door?

It can be all too easy to let a garage door fall into poor repair. Over the years, rust, rot and decay can weaken your garage door to the point of disrepair. It is folly to just let this happen, because your garage door should have the integrity to keep your stuff safe. More than that, though, your garage door is often part of your property’s aesthetics. So, you are actually damaging your property’s overall market value if you leave it in a poor state.

Whether it is rust and rot, or a faulty opening mechanism, it is important to stay on top of any maintenance required on your garage door. However, everything has a shelf-life and knowing when you need to replace your garage door is just as important as regular maintenance. If you are hearing some concerning noises or notice something is wrong, then it is probably time to consider a replacement. This post will run through some of the biggest red flags that will indicate that you need a new garage door.

Breakdowns and Noises

If you are having regular issues with opening and closing your door, or you are hearing concerning noises, then you are probably in need of an upgrade. Oftentimes, repairs on a garage door that has fallen into disrepair will cost more than an outright replacement, so consult with a professional before making any decisions.

Old, Ugly Aesthetics

Homeowners who are looking to give their property a facelift often overlook garage doors. Which means that some garage doors can overstay their welcome. Unfortunately, an old or ugly garage door is very noticeable. Upgrading your garage door is a great way to improve your properties outward appearance, which can help volumes with overall market value.

Sealing and Security

Older garage doors have had to deal with the test of time for however many years, which inevitable leads to wear and tear. This causes damage to the sealing and insulation of the doors, which can affect internal temperatures of the garage. The locks are less secure on older doors too, which makes breaking in a lot easier. Modern garage doors provide bottom seals, weather strips and sealing joints to keep the elements out. They also include modern locks, which are safer and more secure than older door locks. All in all, old garage doors tend to do a poor job of keeping your valuables as safe and secure as a modern door would.